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January and February

And yet, we've started a new year and new dogs. "Justin" Ch. Laser's N'Sync with Trumpet hit the rings with Wade and basically had very little time, or I guess needed very little time as he started winning groups within weeks of his debut. Justin is shared with Mike and Mandy Huffman who took him when he was an adolescent to keep him and finish his championship. These guys are a great asset to our breed and have done the hard work necessary to make the difference.

Lyndsey picked up her final 1st award in Nov. Junior with Hex and will be moved up now.

Rascal's (dog sent to New Zealand) kids started to work on their titles picking up points easily. Ruffles and Oxford are both pointed now. "Justin" wins the big one....Breed at this years Westminster KC in New York. This award was given to him by Judge Paula Hartinger who had given his grandfather, Trace, the same award in 1999.

March and April

Ruffles (Trumpet's All Shook Up) and Oxford (Trumpet's Blue Suede Shoes) picked up both majors at the nice Keeshond entries in Louisville, KY. We also finished Trumpet's Who'll Stop The Rain "Sunny" in Franklin, TN the weekend before picking up both majors. Sunny is co-owned with Betty Herman. The girls (human, that is) have also been in the ring this spring with their prospective Juniors dogs. Caitlin and Oxford have picked up a 1st in Nov. Junior. Sutter wanted to get back into the juniors ring after a year break, so she started Hex in some pretty big juniors entries. She managed a couple of Best Juniors in Show before heading off to Nationals. Way to go guys!!!

Trumpet's Walk This Way "Stryder" debuted at 9 months picking up some singles and a Group 1 in a Non-sporting puppy group. We also have another new champion, a beatiful girl "Chevy" i.e. Ch. Trumpet's Simply The Best. Keke Kahn told owner Mandy Huffman during pictures, that she was one of two of the best Keeshond bitches she'd seen lately.

"Bentley" has been a real challenge in the specials ring, as he's so enthusiastic. I like this, but it takes more work to get them ready for this level of competition. Bentley won the breed 6 out of 8 days of two weekends of large Keeshond entries. I guess I am hoping he's getting this now. But, don't hold your breath. With him, he can always have a surpise up his leg feathering, uh, I mean sleeve...


This month gets a section all it's own because it is our National specialty month and we are going to ramble on and on...haha JK. But first, let's start with earlier in the month. Sutter and Hex and Caitlin and Oxford won their juniors classes again. We finished two more champions. Sutter put all the points except one (and Caitlin did that) on Ch. Trumpet's Blue Suede Shoes "Oxford". We also took a naked "Tux" to get his last point, making Ch. Laser's Tuxedo Junction my 50th champion as a breeder.

On to Columbus, OH where this year's national specialty was held. All 3 Juniors got to go, so with them and 12 dogs or so, we were busy to say the least. First excitement for the weekend was Angela Curtis female "Gabby" Olefort's GI Jane taking best opp in Futurity. She is out of "Tinsel" Ch. Trumpet's O'Christmas Tree (my Gabby X Crunchy) and "Joey" Ch. Olefort GI Joe (Diva X Crunchy). Then "Bounce" (Trumpet's Jumpin' Jack Flash) bounced his way to Winners Dog and Asher won Veterans and Stud Dog. For Best of Breed competition, we were surprisingly split all which ways as Justin, Asher, Hazel, Joey and Bentley had all made the cut and Bounce had to be in their in the end, too for Winners Dog. With help from Rachel Murphy and Judy Thompson, we got them all in the ring. We ended up with very exciting results. Bounce was Best Of Winners, Asher was 2nd Award of Merit and Hazel was 3rd Award of Merit (1st in bitches). Asher showed in Veterans earlier in the afternoon like something I'd never felt in all the times I'd show him. It is so true that they miss that part of their life. I wouldn't have guessed it, because he seems so content to be a couch potatoe now. A dry eye was hard to find when he threw his head back and pulled me around the ring, mine included. Thankfully, Wade was able to show him to his AOM later that day. Sutter picked up a Best Junior in Show for the first specialty, too.

For the National specialty, we were very proud to see Dylan's daughter Foxfair Impetuous take Reserve Winners Bitch out of about 100 entrants. "Emma" is owned and bred by Debbie Lynch and Jeanne Buente. We made the cuts in Best of Breed with Justin, Hazel, Bentley, Joey and Hex. She continued to work from that and we ended up with 1st Select on Bentley and Joey picked up a Select also. But, of course the biggest thrill was Sutter handling Hex to Best In Show. It was a sight to see. Hex had not ever attended a national before for various reasons, which is kinda unusual for one of my guys. But, he was always out of coat or not the right stage and then his entries were missed the year he was being campaigned. But, to see him show his heart out til the very end was a blast. He loves showing for Sutter and of course, it was a thrill to see Sutter take the win.

We had a great national, and it was not just the major wins. I was very proud of the many related Kees and their accomplishments: Class winners were Trumpet's Drop Dead Gorgeous "Claire" owned by Kathy Sokac and Foxfair Let It Ride (a Bentley son) owned by Sally Carr. Multiple class placements were also seen from the following: Trumpet's Ramble On Rose "Scarlet", Trumpet's Blue Suede Shoes "Oxford" and Trumpet's Get Off My Cloud "Cody" who are both owned by Laura and Caitlin Flesher and Tina Logston (website manager), then we have Hermit's Room At The Top "Barkley" (a Dylan and Sunny kid) owned by Betty Herman, Kemont's Highlander (a Hex son) owned by Jan Corrington and Dr. L. Christensen, Shoreline's Tuff Act To Follow "Tuffie" (a Satchmo daughter) owned by Tawn and John Sinclair, and Shakota's Shot In The Dark (Blare and Satchmo son) owned by Carol Tucker. Another young lady "Chyna" Trumpet's China Cat Sun Flower owned by Bonnie Hronek was considered in some of her large classes. Thanks to all of you for loving and giving my kids the best lives possible.

July through August

Justin and Wade went up to Canada to pull off a new Canadian Championship and a few group placements. Justin continues to be competitive and has taken several group placements and wins the few weekends he has been shown this summer.

We didn't show much this summer, just too hot and gas prices are not being friendly to my 1 ton van. Went to Kentucky and Mississippi picking up some nice Junior's wins with Sutter, Lyndsey and Caitlin. Bentley had some breed wins and group placements in the specials ring and we put a very nice major win on Maggie. Maggie went on to complete her title the next month. So, Ch. Trumpet's Good Day Sunshine owned by Shari Taylor and handled exclusively by Sutter has given her dam, Breeze, her Register of Merit (pending KCA confirmation).


This was a great month for showing, if you wanted to stay close to home. We had four weekends of shows within 3 hrs of home. Each of the 3 juniors accomplished a win in their classes and some lower placements. Sutter helped me put the rest of the points on Cody, including two more majors, making him Ch. Trumpet's Get Off Of My Cloud. Cody is owned by Laura and Caitlin Flesher and Tina Logston (website manager). Bentley had a wonderful month and picked up 8 Group placements, including a Group win in 4 weekends. Justin was Best Opp at the Central States Keeshond Club's regional specialty the first day. He also had another back-to-back Group 1st's weekend this month. But most importantly Justin completed his requirements for the Keeshond Hall Of Fame in only 9 months of showing. Way to go Justin and Wade!


We attended all Specialties this month....first off to Kansas City for the Heart of America back-to-back specialties. Stryder was Best Of Winners and Bentley was Best of Opposite. In Sweeps, we put a Best In Sweeps on Frenchie and Stryder was Best Opp In Sweeps. Lyndsey won her class in Juniors and Sutter was Best Junior. Next day, Frenchie was Best Opp In Sweeps, Bounce was Winners Dog and Sutter took Frenchie to Winners Bitch. Caitlin won her class in Juniors and another Junior helped us put Best Of Winners on both Stryder and Frenchie on the two days. Bentley was Best Of Breed under judge Jay Richardson. Lyndsey, Caitlin and Sutter had fun showing their juniors dogs in Best Of Breed competition, Tux, Oxford and Hex respectively. The girls and I had a great time and took in some sights. We went to the Science City Museum and Wade and Ronnie took us to eat Italian one night.

Later in the month, I flew up to Lansing, MI to attend the Great Lakes Keeshond Specialty and visit Sensation and parents, Karen and Dick LaBonte. Sensation had picked up some pounds and it wasn't from too much Turkey. He did win his class two days and was Reserve Winners dog on Sunday. Bentley won the specialty under judge Anne Meir.


Off to Cleveland, OH for the last show of the year and one of the bigger regionals of the year. However this year, not as big. Sutter handled Trumpet's Overnight Sensation to both of his majors. Karen and Dick Labonte and I were in tears. It was wonderful to see that his diet and exercise regimen the past 2 weeks had paid off. He is a close resemblance to his uncle Trace and maybe that's why Sutter handled him so well. Cuddles picked up her first major the first day and little Miss Claire (Trumpet's Drop Dead Gorgeous) owned by Kathy Sokac picked up a major the 2nd day. At the specialty, Frenchie and Stryder were Best In Sweepstakes winners. Frenchie also took Winners Bitch and her cousin "Chynna" (Trumpet's Chyna Cat Sunflower) owned by Bonnie Hronek took the Reserve....sorry Bonnie. Bentley was 1st Award of Merit. Frenchie was only shown in sweeps and was Best Opp in Sweeps on Sunday. The girls weren't shown at all on Sunday, as I wanted to have fun showing Bentley our last time together for awhile since he will be leaving for Wade's after Christmas and not have the distraction of girl dogs in heat. We had a wonderful year to say the least. Justin finishing the year Number 2 All-Breed and Number 1 KCA Show Dog Best Opp Sex and Bentley #4 All Breed and #3 Breed. Hex finsihed Number 6 in Breed points, too. Sutter, Caitlin and Lyndsey are all ranked in the top 5 in Juniors, but the final year stats are not out yet. We also hit the 50 champions produced mark this year.

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