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We went out to Oregon to visit Kim and Scott. Trumpet's Crocodile Rock "Owynn" picked up 2 4pt majors. He's a very cute, typey male with great carriage. Frosty and I had a great time our first weekend out since he finished in November. Frosty went BOB all 3 days and a Group 2. He will be on Animal Planet when they air the Rose City Classic representing Kees.


We had a great time in New York. Dylan, Crunchy and Hex showed off and enjoyed being city dogs. Hex took an Award Of Merit. We were very pleased with this considering his age and the type of show this is. It's very crowded and distracting and Hex is only 18 mo. Wade, Noble, Angela and I attended the Pedigree dinner to receive Dylan's top Keeshond award from last year. It was at the Plaza Hotel near Central Gardens. The food was wonderful. We went to Ground Zero, Macy's, Time Square and a really nice French Restaurant while we were there. Thanks, Darla! Hex also picked up a few nice breed wins at the tough Chicago circuit. Frosty won Group 1st and 2nd in Camden, AR.


Sutter and I headed off for two big weekends of shows in Louisville, KY and Franklin, TN. Sutter, picked up a few nice Juniors placements with Trace. Frosty went Breed a couple of days, but just being barely 2 years old, I plan to put him back up for awhile and let him mature. Tinsel Marie (Crunchy X Gabby daughter) picked up a 5 pt major going BOS over specials in Franklin and Joey (Crunchy X Diva son) picked up two 4 pt majors in Louisville.


We had a first this month, our newest special "Hex" took Back to Back All Breed Bests In Show in Nebraska. We don't know the last time a Keeshond has accomplished that. This was a nice 2 year birthday present. He's also picked up 5 Group 1st's this month. We are gearing up for the Nationals and looking forward to Sunny California. We will not have any specials entered, unfortunately. The entries for the champions did not make it on time, so we will play with the young dogs. It might be fun to relax during Best Of Breed competition and watch all the specials with no pressure on ourselves.


Well, the Keeshond Club Of America and host club were held in Southern California. Sully(AsherXJewel) took Best Opp in Maturity to Joey (CrunchyXDiva). In regular classes, it grew from there. Hazel (Satchmo X Sister)was 4th in her puppy sweeps class, then 2nd and 3rd in regular classes. She was just 2 days over 6 months and hadn't even gone to a match, so I was pleased with her performance. She was the most likely to get 'purchased' that weekend. I didn't think I was going to get home with her. Bentley did well with a 4th and 2nd behind the Winners Dog in the BBX class. Owynn took Best Of Winners at the host show to finish. That was very exciting and gave owners Kym and Scott their first champion. Sully won the BBX class the day of the Nationals and her littermate, Elfi won the open bitch class and Winners Bitch! Kym and Scott's bitch, Tinker (Sparky X Erin) took a 3rd in that nice open class, also. 4 more Group 1st's for Hex!

Summer Fun

Summer gave Hex and Wade a time to relax. Wade attended some National Specialties of other breeds. Hex still accomplished his Keeshond Hall Of Fame title in June. We finished two champions with one weekend out each. Jeremy Gilliam finished Buddy (Sparky X Erin) now Ch. Trumpet's Picture This with a Group 4 that weekend. Thank you Jeremy for being a good home and trying so hard to accomplish the title yourself. I am very proud of you both. Also, I went down for the weekend near Satchmo's hometown and put his last single on him and a Group 3 for his mom to see. Rae Nell Hunter has been an exceptional owner of a dog she bought just to pal around with her. Little did she know, that she would be parading around the country watching her 'pet' dog show. Fortunately or unfortunately, she is not done. Plans are to give Ch. Trumpet's Pinball Wizard a shot at the specials ring for awhile.


I went up to Missouri to spend a weekend with Kim and Mike and their two kees Suki (Satchmo/Sister) and Soleil (Asher/Breeze). We had a fun, but very loud house full of Kees. Soleil is out of coat, but went Winners Dog both days. The only day I showed Suki, she was Winners Bitch. And the day I showed Satchmo, he went Best Of Breed. It was a relaxing time of training both human and canine.


I was unable to attend our local show this month due to being sequestered to sit in on a murder trial. So my wonderful friends and Junior Handler showed the dogs for me. Sutter put a 4 pt major on Maggie (Breeze/Asher daughter) for me, owned by Shari Taylor. Michael Olson came down with his new puppy, Suki (Satchmo/Sister) and went Reserve to the Major his first time at this dog show stuff. A Trace son owned by Betty Herman also picked up a major that weekend, along with Tux (Jewel/Dylan son) owned by Wade and John Williams. SO, I guess you could say they had a good time without me.


We started this month with a back-to-back specialty weekend in Kansas City. Rascal won his puppy class both days in Sweepstakes and went on to Winners Dog the first day, Reserve Winners the next. Hazel is in that 1 year old, no undercoat stage, but we took her anyway. She still managed a 1st in BBX bitches and a Reserve Winners Bitch. Satchmo also attended and made the cut both days with Best Of Opposite the first day under judge Danny Moore. Then the end of the month, Jane and I made a crazy trek to Lansing, MI to show one day at the Michigan Kees Specialty, then drive home. The snow was coming down with a vengeance the night we left. It was beautiful, but the interstate was a little scary for over 75 miles. Rascal once again won his sweeps class, then Best Of Winners at the specialty. Satchmo was 1st Award Of Merit. Rascal's littermate, Trumpet's Overnight "Sensation" was Reserve Winners Dog to Rascal shown by his dad Dick La Bonte. We were pleased and so was the Judge, Lorraine Boutwell, that she had gone with littermates.We then headed down to Memphis for our two day show. Romeo, Satchmo's son was BOW both days picking up 4 more points. Sunny was Winners Bitch both days and Satchmo won the breed with a Group 2nd on Sunday.


For this month, we saved all our energy for the Buckeye specialty weekend in Cleveland, OH. Hex was shown in Arkansas and won a Group 1 and 3 the weekend before. This could make this last weekend of the year very interesting, as Hex and Salem are right together in points, which makes this last weekend the decision maker for who will end the year No. 1 in Breed and All-Breed. Angela and I met in Nashville to drive up Wednesday night. We arrived at 5 am the next day, slept a couple of hours and off to the show. We are completely unloaded, amazed that we have gotten there in time to show. We walk out to get the dogs that we are showing and they are locked in the van with the keys on the front seat. Uggh! Somehow, the locksmith got there in 30 minutes, we got the 4 dogs groomed and made it to the ring with time to spare. Rascal was Best Of Winners, Best Puppy and Puppy Group 3 and Hex was Best Of Breed and a Group 3. Rascal goes Best Of Winners again on Friday and Best BBX. Hex was Best Opp Sex. On to the specialty, which was Saturday. Rascal again won his puppy class in Sweeps. Bentley was then shown in regular classes, because Rascal had finished his Championship the day before. Bentley was Winners Dog and Best Bred By at the specialty. Hex won an Award Of Merit. Salem won Best Of Breed and this sealed the #1 Keeshond in Breed points for them. They were so excited, many tears. So, for Sunday we decided not to show Hex, he had done all he could for the year. So, I moved Rascal up to Best Of Breed. In puppy sweeps, Rascal once again won his class and a Dylan daughter (Foxfair Valentino) won her class. Bentley was Winners Dog and Asher's son (Olefort Curious George), Bailey, was Reserve Winners dog at just barely 6 months old. No girls entered this year, so on to Best Of Breed competition. My friend Angela showed Bentley for me and I showed Rascal. The judge, Karen McFarlane made it very exciting, giving all the dogs lots of opportunities to strutt their stuff. She finally gets it down to 3 males to work from. 2 of them are Rascal and Bentley. She finally chooses Rascal for Best of Breed and Bentley for Best Of Winners. I was so excited because this judge had been a fan of Asher's and she had found all 3 of his kids out there. If you remember, she gave Asher Best Of Breed at the National Specialty weekend in Kansas City, 2001.We didn't stay for the groups, as I had a 12 hour drive home, snow was on the ground and I had to be at work Monday morning. We made it safely, by the grace of God at 3 am. It has been a wonderful year, and hopefully Hex still finished out the year #1 male Kees. For a dog that started the year at 18 months of age, we are very pleased. On a difficult note for me, Rascal is the dog I sold to Ron and Karen Frew in New Zealand, Clandara Keeshond. While I am so excited to send them a dog of this quality, I'm going to have a hard time letting him go. What can I say, he's a baby Asher!

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