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January has been fun.....and I didn't even have to go anywhere. "Buddy" owned by Jeremy and Brenda Gilliam over in SC has picked up his first 2 points. He is the first pointed puppy out of the Sparky/Erin litter at 8 months old. Judy Thompson in OH has already picked up two Group 2nds on "Lucy" (Ch. Trumpet's Spirit In The Sky E'sprit). And Wade is showing Dylan now, since Asher has been retired from the show circuit. So, Dylan has picked up a Group 1, 2 and 3 along with the Southern California Specialty BOB win. This should put Dylan #1 Kees and Lucy #2, pending AKC confirmation.


Dylan has continued to do well this month picking up over 1100 group points and 111 Breed points. Dylan was shown in Missouri, Colorado, and Chicago, IL this month. Asher went to Westminster, however and was 1st Award Of Merit.


Off to Kansas City for the regional specialty, where Sully won her puppy class every day, Hex went Best Of Winners both days, including the specialty and Dylan was Best Opp. Sex at the Specialty and Breed Winner the remaining days with a Group 1 and 2. Successful weekends in Ft. Worth, TX and Sious City, NE followed.


Out to the Northern area of California for another regional specialty where Hex was Best In Sweepstakes and WD to finsish his title with all majors. Dylan was Best Of Breed every day and some nice Group placements. On to the Nationals where we picked up class wins and placements on everyone we entered. Erin's daughter, Ch. KJ's Purrsistence owned by Kristen Jackson was Best Of Opposites sex at the host regional show. But, the most exciting news was Frosty's dad (Ch. MtKee Olefort Crunch) taking Best Of Breed at the Nationals and Sully's mom (Ch. Laser's Crown Jewel) picking up a top Select Award. She was one of 3 bitches chosen for final Best Of Opposite Sex consideration.


Dylan is off to Oklahoma City for Back-to-Back Group 1's and a nice weeked in Albuquerque, NM, Shawnee, OK and Fargo, ND. Dylan is up to defeating around 4,000 dogs in All Breed competition.

Summer Fun

Summer is packed with fun stuff. Lucy has been doing well all first of this year. She has completed her Hall Of Fame points. Dylan continues to climb putting him over 6,000 All Breed Points. Meanwhile, we are off to the Houston Keeshond Specialty shows. Bentley is Best In Sweeps, Winners Dog, Best Of Winners and Best Of Breed at only 8 mo. old. Norma Jean took Winners Bitch. Sully picked up one of the much sought after majors and a Best Opp. In Sex In Sweeps. Gabby has a healthy litter by Sparky.....1 girl and 3 boys.


Dylan continues to hang out. Dylan has visited Amana and Des Moines, IA, Belleville, IL and Maritowoc, WI. Dylan is #13 Non-Sporting dog.


Dylan visits Oklahoma Kees Specialty and picks up some nice wins, including the specialty. Frosty and Norma Jean both pick up big majors. Jewel and Dylan puppies are born. We've got 2 girls and 3 boys.


Dylan does well in Grand Ripids, MI and Columbus, OH and Omaha, NE. Sister and Satchmo pups are born Nov. 7th. 4 girls and 3 boys. Thanksgiving weekend, I attempted to get Hex warmed up for Wade for next year. You could say we did quite well at our local shows taking back-to-back Group 1st's.


Dylan takes most of the month off, since he is so far ahead. I took Bentley, Satchmo and Hex to the specialty. Hex goes Best Of Breed and Award of Merit at the Specialty. Satchmo picks up a major. He needs 1 point to finish. Bentley wins his class and goes RWD one day along with representing the breed in the non-reg BBX Group where he won the group and some cash. Crunchy wins the Specialty on Saturday and Joey (Crunchy X Diva son) takes Best In Sweeps at the specialty.

Dylan finishes the year #1 Keeshond with 738 defeated in breed points and 8849 defeated in All-Breed. This gives him a #14 ranking in all non-sporting dogs for the year. Lucy has an excellent year, also. Thank you Judy Thompson for giving it your best shot at presenting our girl. Lucy finishes the year #11 in All-Breed competition, #2 Bitch. Congrats to Salem (Ch. Keeshee's Smoke N' Mirrors) on her #1 Bitch (#4 Breed) and #3 All-Breed (both sexes) rankings for this year!

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