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Getting off to another fun start for the year.......Joker finishes his Championship in January. My 6 year old niece handled him to a 2pt win herself, just before he finished. Mind you, she hasn't shown a dog since she was 5, and that was her first outing where she put 2 points on his mother, Erin. Asher picked up a BISS in Southern California for the first specialty of the year. He went on to place in the groups there.


Asher won the Non-sporting group and 2 other placements in Chicago at the International shows. He will be on ESPN in May. Watch for him. We also started a new special out of Asher/Erin, Dylan, that went on to take his first group placement, which was only his second weekend out.


Our buddy, Crunchy, owned by Angela Perkins picked up his first group placements in Shelbyville, TN. We then headed down to Houston for the spring specialty and had more fun. Norma Jean took Best Puppy In Sweeps and RWB at the specialty, while her brother "Satchmo" also went RWD. He ended up picking up a 4 pt major, the first of these 6 month old babies to be pointed. And guess what? he's not the one in the show homes!!!! Asher won the Houston Specialty, too and then finished out the weekend going back-to-back Group 1st up there. Dylan won the breed one day at this specialty weekend. Diva picked up 3 4pt majors this specialty weekend. Diva doesn't live with me, so I was especially proud of her accomplishments. Crunchy wins his first Non-Sporting group down in Newnan, GA.


Dylan wins the Non-Sporting group and another group placement at the Memphis shows. The very same weekend his companion, Diva finishes her Championship in Chattanooga, TN. Ron handled her himself and even took BOS over a very nice bitch special. He was very proud as they are new in the breed.

Yes, another specialty, this time in Harrisburg, PA. Norma Jean and I ventured off in a big bird and she did great. At just 7 months, she handled it beautifully. We met up with Wade and Asher. Asher stuck to his usual routine, of picking his day to win when it would be televised, so Asher picks up another specialty BISS and goes on to a Group 2, which will be televised on Animal Planet. Norma Jean won her class 3 of 4 times in sweeps and reg. classes at the specialty.

Dylan tops off the beginning of the month, by taking back-to-back Group 1's in Harrison, AR. He's really kickin' up his heels now!!!


Dylan picks up another Group 1 this month, just before leaving for the Nationals. He also decided to blow his coat, but I guess winning that group convinced me I didn't need to leave him home for the Nationals.

Off we went to Lawrence, KS for the 2001 National Specialty weekend. There were two Regional Specialties before the National specialty. This gave our 8 month old puppies out of Forrest/Brook six opportunities to strut their stuff. At the first specialty (HOAKC #1), Satchmo owned by Rae Nell Hunter in Jackson, MS won the first class of the week in the 6 to 9 puppy dog class. His brother, Owynn, owned by Kim and Scott Schweirin from Burns, OR took 3rd behind him. Owynn also got a 3rd place in the regular classes. Asher went on to win Best Of Breed and Sparky took an Award of Merit. Dylan and Crunchy also made the first cuts and pal RJ also picked up an AOM. Then in Futurity/Maturity, Satchmo picked up a 3rd place and Sparky the same, in Maturity. In Sweeps for the second specialty, Owynn picked up another placement and Misty got a 2nd in Veterans sweeps. Misty is almost 13 years old. She looked and showed fantastic. We had so much fun. Satchmo won his class in the next regional specialty and Owynn was 2nd behind him. Norma Jean got a 4th in her big puppy bitch class and Dylan and Asher were in the first specials cuts, but this time, Crunchy came home with the Award Of Merit. Go Crunchy!!! Now, on to the Nationals..... Owynn gets another 2nd place and Satchmo is 3rd behind him. Norma Jean gets another 4th place and Asher and Dylan get Select Awards in Best of Breed competition. Misty picks up another placement in Veterans competition. At the banquet later that evening, Asher was inducted into the Hall Of Fame and he received the Top Showdog Award for last year. We had a great National and enjoyed getting to see so many beautiful Keeshonden in one place. Special congratulations to Cathy Bosnic and family, Cindy Turnbull and Ch. Kameo's Nor'Easter NA, NAJ on his National Specialty Best Of Breed win.

Summer Fun

After the Nationals, Asher picked up two All-Breed Best In Shows and 3 Best In Specialty wins. This gives him 7 specialties just for this year, so far. At the Houston Regional, we took a few Trumpet Babies, so we were there to cheer Asher on in the very tough Astrohall groups. He did pick up a Group 2 and of course, true to Asher's tradition it was on the night Animal Planet was filming. He can't stand not to be on TV. He never wants to miss an opportunity for the Lights and Cameras. We also picked up Best In Sweeps with Trumpet's Pinball Wizard and his litter sister was Winners Bitch (Trumpet's Candle In The Wind). Best Of Opposite was also won by Aunt Gabby. We weren't stingy, I promise. Dylan was out of coat this summer, but managed to pick up a few nice breed wins and a couple of group placements. More from him this fall, I bet. "Lucy" Trumpet's Spirit In The Sky E'sprit owned by Judy and Bill Thompson finished her championship in style just under a year of age. She took Back-to-back 5 pt majors in KY and BOB over specials one day, with a consideration in the group. It's fun when the people getting your puppies can do well with them, too!


With fall on it's way, we were getting the dogs back out more. Asher is picking up group placements all month almost every weekend, Dylan wins another Group in Hot Springs, AR and Lucy is already picking up her first two group placements in OH. She is only 12 months old. Asher has also been busy doing any boy dog's most favorite thing and that is, he just had a litter born this month out of Ch. Laser's Crown Jewel and has also been mated to Ch. Trumpet's Blowin' In The Wind. We are excited around here about these new babies out of Asher.


We are off to the Oklahoma Regional Specialty. Taking a few youngsters and trying to show them all yourself can sometimes be to your detriment. But, we faired well enough. Sunny (Trumpet's Who'll Stop The Rain) took Best Of Opposite Sex in Sweeps. The fun thing for us was that each class winner of each age group was a Trumpet dog except the 6 to 9 month puppy dog (we took 2nd in that class). Many of the puppies representing each class were not owned or handled by me. Frosty (Trumpet's Winter Wonderland) went on to win Best Of Winners under breeder judge Charles Mulock. Norma Jean ended up going reserve Winners Bitch, too. Unfortunately, Mr. Asher banged his leg on the motorhome step just before ring time and was unable to show in the specialty. And, the most exciting news this month is we now have a Trumpet girl that has finished her Hall Of Fame title.   "TATUM" Ch. Trumpet's Big Shot At KJ completed her requirements in Leesburg, VA the end of the month. Congratulations and Thank You to Kristen Jackson and Stacey and Devergne Marshall for assisting in her completion of this honor.


With this month, we can feel the momentum building towards the end of the year. Asher wins his 8th specialty in Phoenix. He also picks up some nice group wins that weekend. Most of all, we are most proud to announce that Dylan took back-to-back Group 1's in Benton, AR and an All Breed Best In Show. And yes! with me showing him. It has been a goal of mine. Understandably so........ Trace and Asher have won Bests, but not with me presenting them. It was a thrill beyond explanation to have met that accomplishment myself. I feel blessed to have experienced it!


Asher wins another specialty up in Michigan, early in the month. Thanks to Mr. Fred Bassett for the win. Now we are off to the Orlando Invitational. It was really interesting to get flights that would put Dylan and I in Orlando the night before and fly us back out and up to Cleveland in less than 24 hours. Asher was the Best of Breed winner and "Con" owned by Irene and Betty Munson was the Award Of Merit and Best Bred By Winner. The groups were filled with the best Non-Sporting dogs in the country. We were happy to be among them. Then we were off to Cleveland. Becky Preston was kind enough to drive my van up with all my class dogs in it and her new puppy. So, when I flew into Cleveland, I would have others to show for the specialty. The class dogs did their best, but were a flop with the judges. We just didn't have what they wanted this year. However, I enjoyed seeing everyone again and the class dogs looked great. Crystal, Sunny, Hex and Frosty showed well. Asher goes on to win his 10th Regional Specialty of the year under judge Vera Bistrim. Kylie won the breed two days and Asher won two days. The top dogs 'duking' out. We had fun and both dogs did well in the Group competitions. Excitingly, we believe Asher has broken a record by 'doubling it' in winning 10 Regional Specialties in one calendar year. A dog that can win at specialties coast-to-coast is truly a breeder's dream.....til' next year!

News Flash!!!

Asher finishes 2001 as America's Number 1 Keeshond in Keeshond Defeated and Group Competitions!!

Thanks go to Wade Koistinen (Asher's handler), Jane Turnage (his co-owner and grandma) and most appreciatively to Richard and Darla (his HUGE supporters and friends)

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