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Trace started 1999 with a bang, getting a Group 1 his first time in the ring for the year. He's followed up with placing in the group every time he's been in the ring this month of January. . He is now 2 points away from his HOF. Of course, everyone probably already knows this.....Trace won Best of Breed at Westminster. What a thrill!!!!! Jane and I were there to cheer Trace and Wade on in the group ring that night, along with several other Keeshond people. Debra Milligan and Tootie Barker sat with us and screamed just as loud as we did when it was Trace's turn. Joanne Reed was down on the floor working and cheering I'm sure, too. I appreciate their support, along with the other Keeshond people that were there cheering for us that we couldn't see in that huge place. And of course, the many people who were at home in front of the TV pulling for us, too. Trace was filmed and interviewed with Martha Stewart. He gave her a big Keesie kiss on the cheek. In March, he won the Dallas Specialty and the breed every day. He also won a Group 1 at those very tough shows. In April, Trace accomplished a Best In Show in Wichita, Kansas under Judge Joe Shelton. He was the 3rd Kees to get a BEST this year. The breed is doing really well. He made the final cuts at both specialties during the National weekend, but it just wasn't our turn to win. He had blown coat, but I don't think that really mattered, he just wasn't the dog they wanted for BOB. Mostly, Trace has been resting this summer, but he did go to Houston, win the Specialty and the breed every day, make the cut every day in those incredible groups, and got a Group 4 under Chuck Trotter. Look for him on Animal Planet, as that was the day he placed. Trace is at home resting and taking the summer off, look for him to return with Wade (his handler) this fall. His puppies out of his first litter are doing great. All 3 of them will finish......

Ch. Trumpet's Mr. Tambourine Man "Chase" finished on July 4th, 1999. Eric and Lisa, his owners have been wonderful to let me take him and show him. They've kept him groomed and in good condition.

Trumpet's Rainy Day Woman "Maggie" owned by Sandi Mize placed every day at the Nationals in 1998 from the 6 to 9 class and has singled out. Then we took her to the nationals , where she took 2nd in futurity behind her sister, "Breeze". At a very immature age, she made the cut both days in the open classes, too.

Trumpet's Blowin' In The Wind "Breeze" well, you know all the great things she did last year, but this year she tops it off by winning Best Of Opposite at the Futurity competition at our National Specialty. I couldn't have been more pleased with her. She is a wonderful bitch, with so much attitude, you just can't deny her. She will be out this fall to get her last 3 singles.

Asher made the cut at Westminster, but always seems to be in the "Shadow" of his brother. While we were there, Asher was being admired by the drummer from the rock group Metallica. So, we asked him if we could take his picture with Asher, and he graciously allowed it. Lars has a Keeshond, too. I was so nervous, I took the picture really quick. Well, when I got it back, I had cut off part of the guys head and Asher is turning his head away from him and sticking his tongue out as to say " my mom has awful taste in music". As of July, he has placed in the group almost every weekend he has been shown. He has 92 HOF points and is taking a break this summer. His kids have been doing very well out of his first two litters...

Ch. KJ's Tricks of the Trade "Austin" won a 4pt major first time in the ring at 7 months. He won his class at the National Specialty. Michelle Billings even pulled him out to move with the open dog before making her selection for Winner's. But, he had already had a good National, he won Best In Futurity the day before. Austin is owned by Mike and Paula Del Santo and bred by Kristen Jackson.

Ch. KJ's Trick or Treat "Punkin" is little Miss Purrfect and also won her class at the Heart of America specialty in March, she also got a couple of class placements at the National Specialty in May. She is a beautiful bitch and her daddy is very proud of her.

Ch. Trumpet's Mr. Bojangles "Dylan" owned by Connie and Ron Russell is showing his new owners the "dog show " ropes very well. He was BOSSw at the Dallas Specialty and RWD. He also placed 3rd in his class in Futurity at the Nationals.

The Russell's let Dylan take a break after the Summer, as he had blown coat and was in that adolescent stage, we so dearly love. Since, he had not been going to any shows lately, I suggested they let me take him to the Cleveland specialty in December. When I drove through Nashville, to pick him up on the way, the Russell's commented that he had not grown back as much coat as they had hoped, and if I didn't want to take him, they would understand. I decided to take him anyway, as he really needed the ring practice and he is a decent dog, hair or not. Well, imagine their surprise when he came home with a 4pt., and two 5 pt majors making him a new Champion! This sound little dog has a lot in store for him, I think.

Trumpet's Tangled Up In Blue "Gabby" is the talk of the town, at least in our eyes. She was 7 months when we took her to Dallas for the specialty.... She won Best in Sweeps, Winners Bitch and Best of Winners. Then she stayed home til the nationals, where she placed all four times in her very competitive class of 6 to 9 month puppies. Then she headed back down to Texas for the Houston Specialty. There she picked up a BOSSweeps and RWB. She'll be runnin' her mouth at some more specialties next spring.

And last but not least, I must mention my new little fella....Trumpet's Some Like It Hot "Chile"

He won his class at the Oklahoma Specialty the day before the National and placed in Sweepstakes. It was his first time in the ring, he was 6 1/2 months old. Then, I took him to Houston, where he took Best In Sweeps and RWD at the Specialty. He has so much attitude and presence, sometimes a little too much! He was also BOSSw in Cleveland in one of the Sweepstakes and RWD to Dylan one of the two days he was shown. He has easily attained all of his points and both majors, only needing a single point to finish.

Kristen Jackson and I co-own a bitch out of Ch. KJ's Purrcolator and Ch. Trumpet's Snooty Lil' Cutie... Ch. Trumpet's Big Shot at KJ. "Tatum" didn't mess around with that title, so is being spoiled while waiting in the wings with Stacey and DeVerne in GA.

Another littermate out of that breeding, Trumpet's Piano Man "Bailey" accumulated 9 points and one major in a month of showing. He is taking a break while his coat grows back, before hittin' the road again.

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