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Stryder, the youngest, made the first cuts both specialties, but unfortunately had to be handed off since I made the cuts with other dogs and couldn't show them at the same time. Bounce made the first cuts at both specialties, also and went on to collect an Award of Merit @ the first specialty. He is the next youngest male. The oldest male, Hot Shot (a dog I am listed as breeder only), but have taken to Nationals every year (4) since he was a puppy because he is so deserving, finally was recognized with the Best In Show win at the Keeshond Club of America national. Now for the little princess, Ruffles. She has never gotten to attend a national, for various reasons and she picked up two recognition awards including the Award Of Merit and in the final three bitches for KCA to pick up a Select Award. I probably was most proud of her, because she was put out the most with the whole ordeal!

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