Ch. Misty MTN's Raisin Rock, CD CGC


(Ch. Wyldfyr's Sho Me Bonnyvale X Ch. Shalynn's Prairie Mist, CD ROM)
May 1, 1990 to October 2002

A fall day Rocky 4 years the weekend he won WD at the Oklahoma Regional That adoring face, I'll never forget

Rocky was one of those "first-litter keepers". You know, where you breed your first litter and you can't bear to let them all go. So I kept him and Choco. I knew Rocky wasn't a show dog, but he had this quirky personality that I thought I needed to work through. He never liked other dogs, only tolerated them. His whole life was me. He had been known to stand his ground and protect me, even when he was a puppy. He was never ridiculous about it and only when he sensed a real reason. The interesting thing about him was that he was the least conformation quality of all my dogs, but he was very sound. I guess you could say he was plain. Besides all that, he was the first dog I won at a regional specialty with. He was Winners Dog at the Oklahoma Regional. It was their first show. That had to be one of the most exciting moments. He had turned into a swan right before my eyes. We trained through CDX together, but only finished the CD title. He died of acute heart failure at 12 1/2 years. He never really aged, it just hit him quickly. He was a great friend. One of those dogs that 'only has eyes for you'.

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