Ch. Shalyn's Prairie Mist, CD CGC TT ROM


(Ch. Shalynn's Strike 'Em Dead, CD X Shalynn's Whirlwind Surprise)
July 13, 1988 to July 6, 2003

2 years old 8 years old

Misty was my intro to this great breed of dog. I was fortunate to start with a dog of sound mind and body. Misty taught me alot about what a quality dog should be like. She went through quite a few chapters in my life with me. She was a great dog to start with because she was so trainable. She taught me the ropes in conformation and obedience. She was a very tolerant, loving companion. She had an incredibly healthy life. Unfortunately, she developed liver disease the last 8 months of her life. She convinced me to cook on the grill for her every night to keep her appetite up. She was one week shy of her 15th birthday when I made the decision to let her go peacefully.

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