Ch. Trumpet's Travelin' Man


(Ch. Krownkee Prophet To The Gen X Ch. Trumpet's Bidin' My Time)
March 23, 1996 to June 26, 1997

Miles @ 4 months sportin' his purple cast. Miles @ 7 months

7 months Winning a major at 8 months. Miles celebrating his new Champion title on his birthday in Dallas, TX.

Miles was such a cute little guy. I had gone to evaluate his litter out of one of my champion females. He was the only male and they had no show homes for males. Well, Xanthea Kennedy (stud dog owner) and I decided he was too cute, so I decided to take him home in hopes of finding a show home for him. I did ... that was with me! He had a toe that luxated in out from being accidentally stepped on at 8 weeks, so he was casted most of his puppyhood. I started showing him at 7 months of age and he was only defeated once on his way to his championship, which he accomplished on his 1 year birthday at the Dallas Specialty supported entry. The splinting had not completely healed his toe, so we had to anesthetize him to inject a drug into the joint that would prevent him from having arthritis as he got older. He was fine the first time we did the procedure, but when the 2nd injection was done later, he passed away while recovering from anesthesia. Being a technician in a state-of-the-art facility did not help Miles that day, we could not save him. His heart had stopped instantly. I felt like mine had, too.

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