Ch. Trumpet's Midnight Flyer


(Ch. Designer's Inheritance X Ch. Trumpet's Kameo Is The One)
January 1, 1995 to August 4, 2005

1 year old 1 year old Cruise and Me, 2005

Cruise finished his Championship at 11 months. He was a beautiful moving dog with great carriage, a quality head with pitch black pigment and beautiful eyes. He has done some many interesting things, including chasing a lure with the speed of a whippet, climbing an open-back ladder, straight up, within seconds of you asking him to, and snagging teasing birds from the air who might've flown down into his territory. He did obedience, agility and went just about everywhere with me. He was my jogging buddy and not a more loyal dog could you ask for. Cruise left me, just as he lived. He was chasing a squirrel early one morning that was running the fence taunting him. He dropped in a galloping run and fell instantly to the ground. We suspect an aneurism, since all health screening tests done on him a few weeks prior were like that of a 2 year old. Cruise was special to all who knew him. He has no famous kids or incredible wins, but he was all that and more to me. His amazing personality, loyalty and intelligence will be greatly missed here at Trumpet.

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