Ch. Trumpet's Some Like It Hot


(Ch. Trumpet's Triumph Of Time X Ch. Laser's Judge This)
November 4, 1998 to May 3, 2000

Chile @ 8 weeks in one of
the few snows seen in Memphis
Chile @ 10 weeks tryin' to get
those feet in the right place
Oh, never mind, I'll just chase
and retrieve Coca Cola cans

Sportin' my Uncle Sam hat! Chile @ 5 1/2 months at match. Chile 2 weeks before his death @ 18 months old.

Chile was "my little Chile Pepper"! I cannot explain the uniqueness of this dog and how much I will miss him. He had so much presence as was evident the day he won the large 6 to 9 class at the National supported weekend (his older half-brother won it the other days). They were his first shows, but you couldn't tell him that. What a ham! Chile finished easily and collected some other nice wins along the way, such as BOSSw at the Cleveland Specialty and a RWD that specialty supported weekend to his cousin one day. Unfortunately, on my way home from a set of shows a month before nationals, I lost control of my van, rolling it several times. I was unconscious and had to be cut from the van. Later, in the Emergency Room the following morning I awoke to hear the news that my Chile had supposedly jumped from the van through the shattered windows after his crate had busted apart in the wreck. Immediately, family and friends rushed to the scene of the accident an hour from my home to search for a frightened little guy. They put up posters, fliers, ran stories in the paper, got it on the radio, went door-to door. I joined the search as soon as I was released from the hospital. We even camped out in the town at the local highschool with all his fellow Keeshond, hoping their scent would draw him to us. So many people came out to help look, some I knew, many I didn't. So many people searching for this buddy of mine, even though they had no emotional connection to him. It was so amazing. I never thought I would see people pull together like that to help a lost dog find his way home. Tragically, I found him 8 days after my accident on the side of a small dirt road. He was several miles from the accident and according to police maps, he had travelled in a straight line towards his home. I cannot explain how it felt to see my loved companion have his life taken that way. I should have been there to protect him.

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