Ch. Trumpet's Blowin' In The Wind ROM


(BIS, BISS Ch. Trumpet's Me And My Shadow, HOF X Ch. Laser's Take A Chance On Me, ROM)
November 19, 1997 to December 1, 2001

Breeze at 10 weeks Breeze at 10 weeks

Breeze going BIM at her first match Breeze at maturity She always knew she was something special.

Breeze accomplished many firsts for me in my breeding program. She was the first of my females to be competitive at Keeshond specialties. In the beginning of my breeding program, I had a stronger male side and had some very competitive males. I thought it was imperative that I have that in the bitches as well. This is when I purchased Breeze's mother and boy did she give me those things. Breeze was her first daughter, but not the only daughter of Erin's to do well in the show ring and the whelping box. Breeze took BOW at the Greater Houston Keeshond Club at her first shows at 8 months. She went on to win BOS in Futurity at the 1999 National Specialty. She was always so proud in the ring and used to try and convince me she could do it all by herself. I would try to fidget with her and she would do everything she could to convince me to let her stack and show herself. Breeze produced two wonderful litters before she died. I am so thankful for that. During her second litter, she was 3 weeks out, the puppies were fat and healthy. Everything was going as expected. She started bleeding from her uterus and her platelet counts dropped dangerously low. After 4 days of emergency day and night care, she died in my arms. We tested and treated her for every disorder that could cause these symptoms. All tests were negative and all treatments were only buying time. After her blood transfusion on the 2nd day, we thought she might be okay, as the external bleeding stopped. The internal did not and she went into total system failure two days later. The autospy revealed nothing. No answers still to the reason of this tragic loss. She was such a 'tomboy' and I thank God I had her for the four years I did. I wouldn't change it for anything. Her kids are trying hard to make us proud and are a definate reminder of her. All five kids out of the first litter are finished Champions. One of these daughters has finished her requirements to be in the Keeshond Hall Of Fame and was the 2004 Top Member Owned Show Dog and Top Female Keeshond of the Keeshond Club Of America. This litter includes LUCY Am/Can Ch. Trumpet's Spirit In The Sky E'sprit, HOF, SATCHMO Ch. Trumpet's Pinball Wizard, OWYNN Ch. Trumpet's Crocodile Rock, BLAST Ch. Trumpet's Rocket Man and NORMA JEAN Ch. Trumpet's Candle In The Wind. Not only are these 5 dogs title holders, but each of them has picked up their points at Nationals or Regionals. The only one who hasn't done that, has her HOF. Three of the four show puppies are finished out of the second litter. Bentley BIS, BISS Am/Can Ch. Trumpet's Ticket To Ride HOF, Soleil Ch. Trumpet's I'll Follow The Sun and Maggie Ch. Trumpet's Good Day Sunshine.

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