Sutter Woodliff

May 2005 KCA National Specialty Best Junior Handler, May 2004 Sutter & Hex, May 2005

Sutter & Hex, May 2005 Sutter & Hex, KCA 2005 Sutter & Hex, 2006 Nationals

Sutter & Hex, 2006 Nationals Sutter & Hex, 2006 Nationals

From Sutter's Mother:

When Sutter was in sixth grade, she took an "F" rather than stand in front of her class and recite a poem. Her teacher and I met and decided Sutter needed an activity where there were lots of people around, but not many specifically looking at her. We decided dog showing would fit the bill and she began in AKC Junior Showmanship.

From Sutter:

Showing dogs has helped me in many ways, but the biggest thing is that it has helped me be a more outgoing person. Before I began showing dogs with Beth, I was a very shy person who would freeze up if anyone talked or even looked at me. Showing has helped me become socially more at ease. Part of it is that when I went to shows, I would see many of the same people. Over time, I became friends with many of them. We don't socialize between shows because we don't live near each other, but I always look forward to seeing them on show weekends.

I have been showing for over five years now. At first I showed only in Juniors, then a couple of years ago, I began showing for Beth in the breed ring and have put a championship on a bitch all on my own. I also show puppies for Beth.

I have not mastered time management (as Beth can tell you), but I do have a better sense of timing now. I have developed my own show routine and I feel comfortable taking almost any dog in the ring because I know I am not going to freeze up or lose it. The breed ring is actually more comfortable for me than Junior Showmanship because I feel like I can show a dog to its best advantage, but I don't always show ME to the best advantage, which is what it takes in Juniors.

Sutter Woodliff
Age 16 (as of September 27)

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