Lyndsey Rone

Lyndsey (5 years old) with Erin with Hex, January 2005 with Sully, March 2005

with Sully, March 2005 with Frenchie, April 2007 with Stryder, Nationals 2006

with Sutter, Hex & Stryder atNationals 2006

From Lyndsey:

I have been around Keeshonden all my life. And personally, I've enjoyed being around them, since as some of you might know, Kees are one of the most friendly, loving and outgoing breeds I have ever had the pleasure of coming in contact with. What I love about showing dogs is...the traveling. I love being able to tell all my friends about the different places I've been to. Even though it takes patience (I'm still working on that!), this is alot of fun and very rewarding.

I also love seeing so many different handlers and dog owners compete in a sport that they all love. Especially fellow Keeshond owners and other junior handlers. Dog showing is a very rewarding and 'character building' sport. I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to commit to showing these beautiful animals. My Aunt Beth is very devoted and I am proud to be following in her footsteps.

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