Caitlin Flesher

2005 Franklin, TN Caitlin & Oxford, 2005 KCA National Specialty Caitlin & Oxford, 2005 KCA National Specialty

Caitlin & Oxford, 2007 KCA Caitlin & Oxford, 2007 KCA Caitlin & Gabby, 2009

From Caitlin:

I have been showing dogs for about a year. My oldest Keeshond, Cody, was the very first dog I took into the ring. I am also proud to have put the final point on my youngest Keeshond, Oxford, who is also one of the dogs I show in Juniors.

The main reason I love going to dog shows is because of the dogs and the people that are there with me. I learn a lot of new things each show I go to, no matter how big or small the show is. I also love traveling and seeing different places. Every place I go to there are fun, exciting, and adventurous things to do.

I also love going to shows with people who have helped me get this far. I probably wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for Sutter and Beth. I look up to them because they have years of experience and they know what they are doing. I learn a lot of show tips from them. I would like to thank them both for helping me show dogs! Thank you Sutter and Beth! I will never be able to give this up!

From Beth:

Since I've moved from Memphis, Caitlin has not had the opportunity to go to shows. Luckily, she was able to help me during the Kansas City specialty weekend. After a 3 year abscence from the ring, she picked up a Best Junior Handler win (with some amazing juniors in her ring) and Best of Winners on Yoyo. She's very active in softball and her school and I miss her alot.

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