Sutter Woodliff

Lyndsey Rone

Caitlin Flesher

Juniors trip to Heart Of America's Fall Regional weekend in Kansas City 2005

Juniors are important to the sport of dogs. Juniors who learn about good sportsmanship, dogs, handling and dog shows will be valuable to the sport in the future. Junior Showmanship classes are offered at most dog shows. These classes are held so that young people can experience winning and losing among those who are similar in age, learn the correct way to handle the breed they own, practice handling skills in competition, improve the way they handle their own dog, and prepare for handling dogs in the regular classes.

Junior Showmanship classes are judged on the ability of the Junior to handle his or her dog. The quality of the dog is not judged. Juniors will be asked to demonstrate moving the dog with the rest of the class, presenting the dog in the standing position proper to its breed (including the use of an examining table for those breeds normally judged on a table), and moving the dog individually in a regular pattern.

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